RAK ICC Offshore Company Formation Made Easy

Register your RAK offshore company in 3 easy steps and set up a bank account.

1. Consultation

Expert consultation for seamless company formation, guiding through legal intricacies.

2. Documents Submission

Effortless document submission for streamlined company formation, guided by our experts.

3. Bank Account Opening

Smooth bank account opening, facilitated by expert guidance after getting trade license.

Cost of Setting Up an
RAK ICC Offshore Company

  • The cost of RAK ICC company formation varies based on selected options. Additionally, rates vary according to business activities, shareholder count, and office space needs.

  • The starting price for establishing a RAK ICC offshore company is USD 2,050 or AED 7,500. Moreover, there’s the option of the RAK ICC Premium Product, enabling offshore companies to conduct onshore activities by forming a subsidiary at RAKEZ. Premium product packages for RAK ICC company formation commence at AED 17,500.

What is RAKICC?

RAK International Corporate Centre, also referred to as RAKICC or RAK ICC, serves as the official government corporate registry in Ras Al Khaimah, part of the United Arab Emirates. It specializes in facilitating the registration and establishment of international business entities, commonly known as offshore companies, within the UAE. RAKICC offers a comprehensive suite of registration services tailored to the needs of international businesses.

Established by Decree No. 12 of 2015 (later amended by Decree No. 4 of 2016), RAKICC emerged from the consolidation of two pre-existing company registries: RAK International Companies, formerly under RAK Free Trade Zone, and RAK Offshore, previously managed by RAK Investment Authority.

Renowned for its adherence to global best practices, RAKICC operates as a state-of-the-art offshore company registration facility, garnering widespread recognition as one of the premier destinations for registering offshore companies in the UAE.


Refer the below promotional packages for RAK offshore company formation costs. The packages are offered for a limited time.


AED 6,999*

What’s Included

Government fee covered

Certificate of incorporation

Memorandum and Articles of Association

Premium address in Dubai, Business Bay

Resolution to appoint director(s)

Dedicated agent for 1 year


AED 10,999*

Gold includes everything in Silver, plus:

Assistance with bank account opening

Share certificate(s) issued in the name of each of the share holders of the company

Dedicated company secretarial services


AED 11,999*

Platinum includes everything in Gold, plus:

Company stamp

Company letterhead

Assigned premier service agent throughout the year who will respond to you with priority